Advice at the forefront

The central role of helping clients and their families on a daily basis is built around managing complex administrative, legal, tax-related and, of course, financial matters. Like an orchestra conductor, family offices must possess multi-disciplinary skills to monitor and coordinate all aspects. To achieve this goal, it must be able to rely on a top-class ecosystem that has the range of expertise needed to implement the strategy laid out by the families and their close advisors.
We help you maintain total control over your private affairs, with a team of professionals who master the challenges and increasing complexities of today’s environment. Our company has equipped itself with state-of-the-art tools that allow for granular monitoring and analysis of financial assets (Connect by CASA) and nonfinancial assets (FP System). These are coupled with the essential components of confidentiality and trust that our brand guarantees.


  • Legal and tax advice
  • Structuring investments
  • Global administrative services
  • Advice on financial engineering


  • Banking
  • Non-banking
  • Consolidated reports
  • Digitalisation


  • Costs and of performance
  • Complementarity of management mandates
  • Tax efficiency
  • Specific analysis and monitoring


  • Alignment of wealth management strategy
  • Specific analysis and monitoring of non financial assets
  • Management of family governance
  • Supporting the next generation
Thanks to our two proprietary systems, we provide our clients with top-class tailored reports that are easy to understand. Developed with the help of Swiss fin tech companies and engineers, these tools provide you with the most cutting-edge expertise and technologies within our ecosystem. Using predefined criteria, we help you consolidate all your assets in order to provide you with an accurate and detailed view of your assets. This is a prerequisite for optimal decision-making. Moreover, these tools meet the new demand for information “anytime, anywhere” using mobiles apps (also compatible with your computers, tablets or smartphones).
Consolidation of your banking assets

This module allows you to consolidate and analyse your listed or unlisted banking assets. Our system gets raw feeds from your custodian banks that are then reformatted to give an overview of your various accounts (asset allocation, currency exposure, returns on your assets, geographic exposure, sector exposure, maturities, etc).

Consolidation of your non-banking assets

In order to round off the overview of your assets, this second module gives you access to a consolidation of non-banking assets. This covers equity investments in companies, or indeed liabilities such as loans and mortgages, your real-estate, your collections. Moreover, this system also gives you an overview of the flows going through these various structures (e.g.: cascading dividend payments, lease payments, etc).

Capitalium Advisors offers you more than a network, it opens its doors to an entirely new ecosystem.


We surround ourselves

to better serve you

In order to respond in the most appropriate way to the differing needs of our clients, Capitalium Advisors surrounds itself with a community of experts. We put our forty years of accumulated experience at their disposal and help connect our clients within the following four domains: entrepreneurship, education, philanthropy and sustainable development.
Modern portfolio management is subject to a growing number of factors that must inevitably be taken into account, and expert advice provides a better understanding of the holistic picture. The family and entrepreneurial nature of our clients calls for skills in a wide range of areas. These include taxation, law, real estate, fiduciary services, philanthropic consulting and corporate consulting among others.
Connecting, getting to know one another, building relationships, developing exchanges, fostering a network. Capitalium Advisors provides you with a network of specialists that open the doors to new and exciting opportunities.



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